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Birthdate:Mar 24
Hi, I'm Sera. I am a twenty-something girl who loves languages. I speak French, English and Spanish, and I want to become fluent in Russian and Japanese. This journal will be used to track my progress with the Russian language -- I don't plan on continuing Japanese until I have a good handle on Russian. (I took German in university but never made it past intermediate, and I've also dabbled in Japanese on and off for a few years. I am putting both aside in my pursuit of Russian.)

I also started this journal to join figure skating communities that I have been lurking in and to make friends. I am not picky, if you add me I will most likely add you back - just leave a comment in my intro post :)

My favorite skaters are Stéphane Lambiel and Johnny Weir, so I am quite bummed that they both retired as soon as I started stanning them. To be fair, I should mention that I first saw Stéphane at the 2006 Olympics. I was channel surfing and I happened upon a magical zebra - he was an instant crush. Too bad I forgot all about him until the 2010 Olympics, though maybe it was a good thing, I would have been utterly destroyed had I been stanning him when he retired in 2008. I also love Evgeni Plushenko, maybe not for his skating, but certainly for his awesomeness. Daisuke Takahashi has also started growing on me, and I don't know if that's because he is also awesome, or just because he asked Stéphane to choreograph for him?!

What else? I consider myself moderately creative. I play the violin. I draw. I paint with watercolors. I sometimes write. I want to learn how to play the piano. I am a scrapbooking fiend. I LOVE LOVE LOVE photography and I use my old Pentax SLR more than my digital camera.

Ask me anything!

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